Lebadang opening wows Galerie Hoa Mai audience
Nachmi Artzy and Mai Courtot, Galerie Hoa Mai, the Artist, Lebadang, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bin, Vietnam's Ambassador to France.

PARIS - The succesful Paris exhibition of Vietnamese artist Lebadang impressed an elite audience of diplomats and art connoisseurs during an exclusive unveiling at the Vernissage of Galerie Hoa Mai on October 21. Mr. Nguyên Dinh Bin, Ambassador of Vietnam to France, Mr. Vu Duc Tâm, Ambassador of Vietnam at UNESCO and many prominent Vietnamese in the Paris art and culture scene were among the 300 who packed into the gallery for Lebadang's presentation of 'Spaces'

Vietnam-born Lebadang, now 83, presented a fresh, multi-media expression of his belief in the oneness of man and nature. His Spaces involve unique work sculptured into intricate patterns, translating nature's rich imagery into luminous spatial vistas that strike universal chords. His deeply spiritual statement invoked an enthusiastic response from the audience, especially young people.

Since its inauguration in May of this year, Galerie Hoa Mai has exclusively displayed Vietnamese art in Paris. Located at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, gallery owner, Mai (Nguyen) Courtot says, " We are here to show the art and artists of Vietnam and promote increased knowledge about the people and culture of Vietnam".

Galerie Hoa Mai has received international acclaim for the Vietnamese artists they present. The Gallery is now proud to present Lebadang, a long-established artist who is well known in Vietnam and around the world.

The Solo exhibition of Lebadang continues to December 13, 2004.

Take a 360-degree look at the Exhibition

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