October 10 to
November 15, 2003
Brian Doan Photography

May 13 to June 12, 2004

'The Spirit of Vietnam'


Le Cong Thanh -
Le Femme

November 18 to December 9, 2004

Photographic impressions
By Nachmi Artzy

May 26 to July 30, 2005

Refinement and tranquillity, tradition and modernity: Vietnam always surprises us, especially through the eyes of its artists. Far from the clichés and the easy exoticism, two artists, Nguyên Diêu Thuy and Vu Thang, paint the beauty of yesterday's and today's Vietnam through universal themes: the woman, the animals, the objects of daily life.

Nguyên Diêu Thuy, one of the Vietnamese leading women artists, shows her most recent paintings, pure lines and shapes in oil on canvas, using the knife technique. Bowls, women and birds make up her world in a rhythmic ballet, in a luminous palette where she plays with colored whites and ochres, the gold and silver leaf that is part of the tradition of refinement of the Vietnamese culture.

Vu Thang, who lives in Sapa and Hanoi, endeavors to restitute the traditions and the memory of the H'Mong and Dao ethnic minorities he knows well for having shared their daily life in the Northern Mountains. He favors watercolor and ink on Do paper.

An exhibition not to miss for Art lovers interested in Vietnam and its culture and art.

Galerie Hoa Mai invites you to view this exhibition.
From October 8 to November 5, 2005
Vernissage, Saturday, October 8, 2005, starting at 16:00
Nguyên Diêu Thuy and Vu Thang

Scenes of daily life in Vietnam

November 15 to
March 15, 2004
Introduction to
Vietnamese Art

LEBADANG - - Spaces

October 21 to November 13, 2004