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LEBADANG to exhibit latest art works in Paris

Paris - An important solo exhibition by world renowned artist

LEBADANG will show his latest works at Galerie Hoa Mai at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. LEBADANG's latest form of Spaces art, while exhibited around the world, in prestigious galleries and museums, has never been shown in France. This is the first time that art lovers in Paris will have the opportunity to view his latest two-sided mixed media on formed metal.

LEBADANG fuses the cultural influence of Europe and the Orient in his poetic visions articulated in watercolor, sculpture and lithography. He is critically acclaimed for the grace and simplicity of his imagery, executed in infinite variations of line, shape and color.

LEBADANG was born in Vietnam in 1921 and arrived in France in 1939, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. He received numerous prizes for his paintings, drawings and sculpture. In 1950, his first one-man exhibition in Paris was highly praised by the French press.

Over the next three decades there were many important exhibits of his works throughout France and Germany. LEBADANG came to the attention of Americans in 1966 when the Cincinnati Art Museum hosted the first one-man exhibition of his paintings in the United States.

LEBADANG's paintings and graphics are in many important public and private collections, including the University Art Gallery, Lund, Sweden; the Rockefeller Collection, New York; The Loo Collection, Tokyo; Phoenix Art Museum; Ruud Lighting, Inc.; Lloyd Baretz Enterprises; Behavioral Medicine Northwest, Seattle; etc...

In 1985 LEBADANG created the "Spaces" art concept. He holds many exhibitions in the US and Japan and receives critically acclaimed reviews. Later, in 1997 he mounts a major, 300 m2 exhibition at the Baux de Provance under the theme of "Cathédrale d'Images". Each unique "Spaces" is meticulously crafted, combining the technique of sculpture, painting and embossing in one art form. The rich surface of the paper is built-up layer upon layer with paper applied in intricate patterns that creates luminous vistas and mountainous terrain depicting the irregular forms of Nature. "Spaces" is to be viewed from every vantage point from above the horizontal plane, or even from the side. "Spaces" is art and nature itself.

His spaces are constantly evolving from mixed media paintings, paper works. Then, in 2000, Mr. LEBADANG added another dimension of applying the "spaces" concept to a mixed media form on sculptured metal. This time it is a two-faced art object. Not a painting, not a sculpture. "Something unique" he exclaims.

"Spaces" will take place from October 21 to November 13, at Galerie Hoa Mai, 25 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris.


Born in Vietnam in 1921
Lives and works in Paris since 1939
Graduated from Toulouse School of Fine Arts
1964-1965 Created the "Eight Horses" in collaboration with CHOU Ling, his first portfolio in relief and without color nor ink.
1967 "La Nature Prie Sans Paroles" (Nature prays without words) , lithographies.
1968 Portfolio of Horse lithographies.
1969-1973 "Paysage Indomptable" (Indomitable Landscape) and sculptures about Vietnam
1974 "The Ten Horses" lithographies portfolio
1976 "Fantasies", a suite of lithographies
1977 "Flower Series", a series of lebadangraphies
1978 LEBADANG creates the costumes and set designs for the opera "MY CHAU-TRONG TUY " performed at the National Opera Theatre of Paris. This lyrical French-vietnamese creation was a first and an event.
1981 "La Comédie Humaine". Its themes were translated into the mediums of sculpture, lithography, watercolors and paintings.
1984 "The Art to Wear". It is jewelry with art, jewelry with culture.
1985 LEBADANG creates "Spaces".
1989 Laureate of the Award of the International Institute of Saint-Louis, U.S.A.
1990 "Spaces" exhibitions in the U.S.A., Japan and Germany.
1991 LEBADANG is commissioned to realize the sword of Academician for Professor Jacques RUFFIE

Selected Exhibitions

1950 Librairie du Globe, Paris
1952 Galerie de l'Odeon, Paris
1953 Galerie de l'Odeon, Paris
1956 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris
1957 Galerie Cezanne, Cannes
1958 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris
Galerie Cezanne, Cannes
Château de la Napoule
1960 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris
Galerie Source, Aix-en-Provence
1962 Galerie INA Fuchs, Dusseldorf, Germany
1963 Galerie Mignon Massart, Nantes
1966 The Newman Contemporary Art Gallery, Philadelphia
Cincinnati Art Museum
1972 Galerie Fontaine, Paris
Frost and Reed Gallery, London
1974 Kuntsmesse, Dusseldorf
Circle Galleries : New-York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
1975 Kuntsmesse, Koln
1977 Galerie Hautot, Paris
1978 Wonderbank Gallery, Frankfurt
1979 Circle Galleries : New-York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego
Cherry Creek Gallery of Fine Art, Denver
1980 Circle Gallery, Chicago
Clayton Art Gallery, Clayton
Genner Gallery, Duisbourg
Wonderbank Gallery, Frankfurt
1981 Circle Galleries : Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston
The Owl Gallery, San Francisco
Walton Street Gallery, Chicago
Gallery in the Square, Boston
1982 Circle Galleries : New-York, Pittsburg, San Diego, San Jose, Northbrook
Carolyn Summers Gallery, New Orleans
Altamonte, Springs
Cherry Creek Gallery of Fine Art, Denver
Clayton Art Gallery, Clayton
The Old Olive Tree, Scottsdale
Pavilion Gallery, Portland
Ludeke Gallery, Cincinnati
Pioneer Square Gallery, Seattle
1983 Circle Galleries : Chicago, San Diego, New-York,
Promenade Gallery, Woodland Hills
1984 Circle Galleries : Houston, Northbrook, San Francisco, San Jose, Miami
Pioneer Square Gallery, Seattle
Congress Square Gallery, Portland
Gallery in the Square, Boston
1985 Circle Galleries : New-York, Chicago, New-Orleans, Pittsburg, Los Angeles
Cherry Creek Gallery of Fine Art, Denver
Promenade Gallery, Woodland Hills
1986 Circle Galleries : New-York, Northbrook, Chicago, San Francisco
1987 Circle Galleries : New-York, Chicago, Los Angeles
Japan : Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Ashiya
1988 U.S.A., Japan, Germany
1989 Award from The International Institute of Saint-Louis
1990 "Spaces" exhibitions
1991 Commissioned to make the sword of Academician for Professor Jacques
1992 Vietnam : Exhibition in his native village, Bich-La-Dong, Quang-Tri Province, Hue, to honor the memory of his father and his ancestors
1994 Was made "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres", Culture Ministry, France
U.S.A. : Park West Gallery, Detroit-Southfield
1995 Germany : Herburger Gallery, Saarbrucken
1996 India : Solo exhibition, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta
1997 Creation of big "Spaces" (300 sq.m, 10m high) in the quarries
of the medieval village of the Baux de Provence, at the "Cathedral of Images" until 2002
2002 Hô Chi Minh Museum, Huê International Festival, Vietnam
2003 VRG Gallery, rue Jacob, Paris
2004 Hô Chi Minh Museum, Huê International Festival, Vietnam
Bijutsu Sekai Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Galerie Hoa Mai, rue Guénégaud, Paris