For centuries the art of Vietnam was expressive of the past, not of the present. That changed for this fascinating country with the establishment by French artists and teachers of the Ecole des beaux-arts of Ha Noi in the early 20th century. Suddenly, contemporary art was born and Vietnam's artists embraced the freedom like no other culture in the world.

A celebration of the resulting explosion of Vietnamese contemporary fine art is captured now at Gallery Hoa Mai, the only Paris gallery fully dedicated to Vietnamese art. The scope and scale of the artworks will serve as an introduction and for some a revelation of modern Vietnamese art and the people who make it.

The gallery will display:
- Sculptures
- Oil paintings
- Lacquer paintings
- Silk paintings
- Wood blocks prints
- Ink on rice paper
- Photography
- Vietnamese Art Books

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25, rue Guenegaud - 75006 Paris

Open from Tuesday to Saturday,
2:00pm to 7:00pm, or by appointment

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mobile: 06 89 88 19 63

Past Exhibitions
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Exhibition from October 8 to November 5, 2005